About Azerbaijan

Welcome to Azerbaijan! In the country of lights and the pearl of the Caucasus, in the region where the eastern flavor is an amazing symbiosis with Western progress. Azerbaijan is a unique nature, a unique culture, a centuries-old history with its customs and traditions, exquisite cuisine that will satisfy the expectations of the most demanding gourmet, and, finally, Caucasian friendliness and hospitality.

Azerbaijan is often called the "Land of Fire." It is known that most of the population living in this territory before our era was fire worshipers. Since that time, the oldest evidence has been preserved in the country: cave paintings, statues of deities and ancient temples. One of the most striking evidence of this heritage is the temple of fire worshipers "Ateshgah" in Surakhani, near Baku, and "Yanardag", which means "burning mountain".


The Capital

The capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, is famous for its history, and its old part - Icheri Sheher - still bears the imprint of bygone times, therefore it is often called “Baku Acropolis”. Finding yourself in this area of Baku, you seem to be transported to the Middle Ages. Time seems to have stopped here, and this impression only intensifies at the sight of carpet dealers, located right on the ground, ancient baths that survived more than one century, the magnificent ancient Shirvanshahs palace. There is also a visiting card of the city, its heart is the Maiden Tower, whose history is fanned by legends, and many other historical monuments.

Baku attracts travelers with its beauty, hospitality and many attractions. Probably not a single tourist will remain indifferent to the surroundings of the Baku Embankment, the grandeur of the famous Flag Square with the highest flagpole, which is the second largest in the world in size, the beauty of the "Flame Towers" similar to fiery tongues. "Old Baku" is a storehouse of ancient monuments.

Modern attractions also do not go unnoticed. The cultural center of Heydar Aliyev is striking in its grandeur and style. The building of this center in 2014 was named the best in the world in design.

Baku is a city that combines the dynamics of modern life and the tradition of a rich culture. It is called differently: "city of winds", "east Paris" - and all these characteristics will be true. Baku is striking in its contrast: the latest districts and business centers are interspersed with historical quarters, and all this is saturated with a unique oriental flavor. That is why it is increasingly becoming the object of active interest of tourists from all over the world.

Climate and weather

Azerbaijan is unique in its climate. It is known that on the whole globe there are 11 climatic zones, and 9 of them are located in this country. Guests arriving in the country can take an exciting journey from zone to zone, as if moving from one point on the planet to another. A variety of natural climatic zones allows tourists to visit both the subtropics and the lush alpine meadows at the same time.

On the territory of Azerbaijan there are a lot of large water arteries, mineral springs, waterfalls, and the country is also known for its unique underground bowels, in which medicinal oilfields are found!


Healing oil

There is one unique place in Azerbaijan - Naftalan. A beautiful modern city surrounded by a pine forest and famous for its wonderful healing air and wonderful microclimate. This is a balneological resort of Azerbaijan, which won worldwide fame thanks to the miracle of oil. The healing power of this natural resource is an effective way to treat more than 70 diseases. Treatment with Naftalan oil is the most effective among all the methods known in the world today.


Winter holidays

When it comes to a trip to Azerbaijan, it seems to many that you need to go there in summer. This is a deep delusion - Azerbaijan has something to offer for winter lovers too: from breathtaking freshness of national parks to ski slopes and carefree walks in Baku with its surprisingly mild climate. A winter trip to Azerbaijan would not be complete without a visit to Shahdag or Tufandag.

“Shahdag” is located in the Gusar region of the country: here you will find fourteen ski slopes of different difficulty levels, cable cars, an ice rink. In between skiing and ice skating, you can enjoy national dishes in cozy cafes and luxurious restaurants. No less popular in the country is another ski resort - Tufandag, which is conveniently located in the Gabala region. The complex has several ski pistes, cable cars, in addition, there is a school teaching skiing - ideal for beginners. Entertainment centers for children, who also work in the complex, attract entire families of travelers.


The people of Azerbaijan are friendly and hospitable, you can always ask local people for help - to refuse is not accepted here. Well, and probably no other cuisine in the world can compare with the national Azerbaijani cuisine! In addition to excellent taste, local dishes bring health benefits and prolong life, because, as you know, among the Caucasians there are a huge number of centenarians.

The history of the art of creating recipes in Azerbaijan goes back centuries, based on the vast experience of hereditary chefs. This centuries-old experience is preserved and enhanced today. The mountain and subtropical climate of the country perfectly supplies its inhabitants with everything necessary for preparing tasty and healthy food - it is not without reason that Azerbaijan has become famous as a country of long-livers. Scientists explain this phenomenon with a favorable climate, lifestyle, environmentally friendly products and the principles of proper nutrition.

Azerbaijani cuisine is very satisfying, nutritious and high-calorie, it is original and has its own national flavor, manifested in the specifics of the culinary technique and traditions of the Azerbaijani feast. According to the composition and the number of dishes, the national cuisine of Azerbaijan is among the extremely diverse and healthy, distinguished by an abundance of all kinds of meat, fish and vegetable delicacies, necessarily complemented by delicate herbs and piquant spices. The traditional works of Azerbaijani cuisine are original and unique.